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What Can I Do To Raise My Credit Score After Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a lasting financial decision, though not a permanent one. Bankruptcies remain on your credit report for ten years, but during that time there are options to help raise your credit score. The first step to recovering is assessing the damage by obtaining that score. Evaluating a credit report is essential in order

Your Bankruptcy Attorney as a Resource after Discharge

You might be under the impression that after your bankruptcy discharge, you will have no further use for an attorney. On the contrary, your bankruptcy attorney will continue to serve as an essential point of contact between you and the courts. Especially if your circumstances change, it is imperative that you notify your attorney. In the following

What Happens if You Accidentally Undervalue Assets in Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a tremendously stressful time. So, when frazzled, things tend to fall between the cracks. What if it turns out you forgot to include an asset in your bankruptcy filing? Or, what if something completely out of your hands happens and one of your assets skyrockets in value? Luckily, there are a

What You Need To Know Before Taking Out Student Loans

Every year — every semester, even – the price of college tuition goes up; and it shows no signs of stopping, or even slowing down. The number on the price tag continues to get more concerning, further excluding people who can’t afford it. A 2015 Edward Jones survey puts that number at 83% of Americans.

What to do if a creditor is trying to collect after discharge

The option to file bankruptcy is there for people who see no other logical solution to their financial woes. Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy task; even when the process is over, problems can still arise. One such complication is when creditors continue to come after you even after discharge. What is Discharge in

How To Obtain Your Bankruptcy Discharge Letter

  When your bankruptcy case is complete, a bankruptcy discharge is issued to you, along with a whole slew of other paperwork. It is strongly recommended to hold on to ALL your court documents received during your filing, as it is occasionally required of a debtor to provide proof of the discharged debt. If for

U.S. Credit Card Debt Has Hit an All-Time High

            The United States has managed the unthinkable, and not in a good way: our consumer credit card debt is officially worse , according to “Bloomberg Magazine’s Online Edition”  than it was just before the financial system almost collapsed back in 2008. In fact, it’s the worst it’s ever been

Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy can provide a fresh financial start, which is why you should not only feel confident in your legal representation, but understand the process and its impact on you. While our free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney is an opportunity to discuss the specifics of your situation, the following commonly asked questions will help prepare