How To Obtain Your Bankruptcy Discharge Letter

  When your bankruptcy case is complete, a bankruptcy discharge is issued to you, along with a whole slew of other paperwork. It is strongly recommended to hold on to ALL your court documents received during your filing, as it is occasionally required of a debtor to provide proof of the discharged debt. If for

U.S. Credit Card Debt Has Hit an All-Time High

            The United States has managed the unthinkable, and not in a good way: our consumer credit card debt is officially worse , according to “Bloomberg Magazine’s Online Edition” ┬áthan it was just before the financial system almost collapsed back in 2008. In fact, it’s the worst it’s ever been

Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy can provide a fresh financial start, which is why you should not only feel confident in your legal representation, but understand the process and its impact on you. While our free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney is an opportunity to discuss the specifics of your situation, the following commonly asked questions will help prepare